Are there any special considerations i should make when planning a kitchen renovation job in an older home or building?

Some kitchens aren't big enough for an island. Don't install one unless it's at least 36 inches long. Of free space in every sense of the word. If you're installing a kitchen island, be careful what's in it.

Remember that an island also requires electrical outlets (usually one on each side) to comply with the code. A kitchen remodel can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint and new floors, or a complete transformation with new appliances, cabinets and more. Whatever route you choose, planning helps you avoid costly or surprising setbacks and keep the project on time and on budget. This golden rule is still used in kitchen construction almost 80 years later, and its roots for improving factory work efficiency are still found in modern residential kitchens.

Once the demolition is complete, a typical kitchen remodel begins in earnest with the contractor's carpentry team performing all the framing work necessary for the project. Consider a U-shaped design for your kitchen remodel if you have three walls available that you can dedicate to your new space. The first step is to make sure that you can answer all of these questions and many more, since the answers will determine the scope of the remodeling, the operations needed and even the budget that you will have to budget for the kitchen remodeling. Kitchen remodeling is an important task and will surely turn your life upside down in the only place where you should feel most stable: your home.

The kitchen is a very personal space, and your idea of the kitchen of your dreams may not be anything like the idea of the next owner. A completely remodeled kitchen is undoubtedly a project worth the time, money and effort, and you can avoid feeling overwhelmed if you fully understand the steps that are included in the process before you begin. When creating your kitchen remodeling plan, it's important to comply with standard free spaces for refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and sinks. As complex as the plumbing may be, the improvements in electrical service for a large kitchen remodel can be even more extensive.

There's a lot to plan when remodeling a kitchen, so don't start tearing down your old kitchen too soon. This means that many kitchen remodeling projects require an electrician to update all the electrical service in the house. Hardwood floors, high-end tiles, and even some of the new vinyl plank products are great choices for kitchens and will add functionality, beauty, and value to your kitchen. U-shaped kitchens offer ample space for cooking and, while they favor the open-concept feel, they also lend themselves to the kitchen as its own distinctive room.

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