Do i need to move everything out for kitchen renovation?

You don't have to clean the kitchen and put everything back in its place. If you remodel after you move, you'll have to work harder to prepare for the remodel and get organized after the project. You'll have a working kitchen to use all the time. Remodeling a kitchen can be a lengthy process that benefits from good preparation.

Unfortunately, you or your contractor can't just dive in and demonstrate the cabinets, redo the countertops, or replace the floor. At least, that's not the most efficient way to do it in terms of time and money. After planning and scheduling, it is necessary to clean the kitchen and prepare it for renovation. We've outlined 10 steps on how to pack up a kitchen for remodeling so that you can get it up and running in a timely manner.

Setbacks happen to any home improvement project and can be devastating if you're not prepared for them. So, be flexible with your schedule and set aside an additional 20% of your budget for emergencies. Houzz spoke to more than 1,300 Houzz users who had completed a kitchen remodeling or expansion project in the previous 12 months or who were working on one or were planning to start one in the next quarter. During the project, homeowners who completed a kitchen remodel were asked about their housing conditions and stress levels.

A “complete” kitchen remodeling project is disruptive, difficult and dirty, even with the best design, construction and remodeling team.

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