What type of backsplash will be included in the kitchen remodeling project?

Splash protectors are critical to kitchen design; when entering the kitchen area, it's one of the first things guests notice. The most popular kitchen splash protectors include ceramics, porcelain, glass, stone, and mosaics. To improve the kitchen, consider the style you're trying to capture and your personal taste. If you love the look of white cabinets, white quartz countertops, and clean appliances, your splash guard is the perfect opportunity to add some color or texture.

With so many options to explore, you're sure to find something that matches your style and personality. Imagine an overlay of blue tiles or a white herringbone pattern to cover that smooth wall. There are even do-it-yourself peel and stick options or splash guard kits suitable for DIY that you can try if you're a more practical homeowner. Peel-and-stick tiles are a popular choice among DIY experts and those working on a tighter budget.

These tiles work exactly how they sound: you peel off the back and stick the pattern wherever you want against the wall. Although this method seems quick and simple, the truth is that DIY options require a lot of time, measurement and precision. One wrong stick and your splash guard will look crooked. In addition, these peel and stick options won't protect walls or appliances as well as ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Before you head to the nearest home improvement store to buy a roll of this easy-to-apply splash guard, make sure you know the pros and cons. If you opt for a slate or flap splash protector, you'll want to invest in durable wood and the right coat of paint. This material works well in a country or traditional house. Shiplap provides more protection than peel-and-stick tiles, but it can also be more difficult to clean and care for.

Sticky fingers or stains can leave their mark on white wood. You can achieve the wood look for less money than tile or marble, making it a good intermediate choice for splashing. Be sure to search the internet for blogs, Pinterest, and home improvement websites to find the style that's right for you. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a proven option for any splash guard.

With hundreds of colors, shapes and textures, the tiles can be arranged in a variety of ways. For example, you can choose a white tile for the subway to give your space a modern look. Or, you can choose a bright teal or blue tile to add a touch of color to the wall. The tile is easy to clean and lasts for years, making it one of the best options for your splash protection needs.

Whatever type of splash guard you choose for your kitchen, be sure to consult with a remodeling professional before starting. A few additional tips will help you in the long run. If you opt for a tile or marble splash protector, a renovation expert will be your best option for installation. You can create the perfect balance between functional and beautiful in the room where you spend the most time.

Your kitchen will feel truly complete once the last tile is sealed in place, brightening up your kitchen with a bright splash guard. The most popular type of stone for kitchen splash guard is granite. The second most popular is slate. Other options include marble, quartz, soapstone and travertine.

It's important to remember that each process of installing a splash guard will determine how long the project will last and should be considered when creating your kitchen remodeling schedule. The trend can be seen in this kitchen in Fairfax, Virginia, from Unique Kitchens & Baths, a custom joinery and design studio. If these popular kitchen splash protectors aren't for you, you can take a look at the unique options for kitchen splashes. Superior Stone & Cabinet is your one-stop-shop for all your kitchen remodeling needs here in the Valley.

It's worth investing in the eye-catching shine of scene-stealing tiles when remodeling a kitchen. However, there's one feature you can add during your kitchen remodel that will really complete the whole look: a splash guard. With so many ideas for kitchen splashes on the Internet, it can be overwhelming to decide what style or color combination will suit your remodel. The splash guard is usually one of the last items to be finished, but no kitchen remodel is complete without it.

Myrick points out that, since kitchen remodels are a big investment, he often hears the doubts of potential customers when it comes to introducing too much personality into the design. .

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