Will any painting or wallpapering need to be done during the kitchen remodeling project?

Home improvement projects that go beyond aesthetic changes (such as wallpapering or painting) are likely to require a building permit. Before starting any remodeling work, it's wise to call the local construction department to find out which parts of the project need permits. It's frustrating to be in the middle of the project and having to postpone its completion in order to schedule unexpected inspections. Kitchen design and remodeling can be an exciting project that can involve tearing down walls and selecting everything from new floors and splash guards to modern appliances.

That said, we've put together 9 steps needed to efficiently and economically remodel a kitchen project.

Kitchen remodeling

can be complicated and time consuming, requiring electrical, plumbing, structural and other construction work. While it's true that tiles and paint are the traditional options for kitchen walls, recent advances in wallpaper materials and protective finishes have made it an option perfectly suited to the humid and demanding environment of a home's kitchen. And there's a good chance that new buyers will be enthralled by a chef's kitchen rather than the old fashioned galley kitchen.

If you're considering a home remodeling project and you live in western Alabama, call the award-winning designers at Toulmin Kitchen & Bath at (20) 366-0807. A successful kitchen remodel requires an end goal and a vision that includes thinking about what your life will be like in this new space. Because of this, it's easier to replace all of the kitchen cabinets during a kitchen remodel, rather than replacing the sections. After dismantling old accessories and making structural modifications, it's time to start installing new elements in your kitchen remodel. If you're planning a kitchen remodel on your own, it's a good idea to add a fresh coat of paint and repair the floor on time and on budget.

Most kitchen remodels require final inspections to ensure proper electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation. Kitchen remodeling is extensive and many homeowners forget that this makes the area inoperable for the duration of the project.

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